Friday, April 10, 2009

CCV vs. Iowa

Thanks to Wolfie.

Our own home-grown hatemongers are at it again. Citizens for Community Values, based out of Sharonville, Ohio, is gearing up its supporters for an all-out assault on Iowa.

From their latest action alert:
As you probably are aware, radical activists judges on the Iowa Supreme Court last week overturned Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act.

That unconscionable usurpation of legislative authority does not have to mean the death of marriage in the Hawkeye State, though.

It is still possible, and there is still time, to give Iowans the chance to vote to protect marriage.

The first step in that process is for the Iowa Legislature to pass HJR 6, the Iowa Marriage Amendment.

Here’s what you probably are not aware of: Since 2006, a Colorado millionaire and homosexual activist, Tim Gill, has been using his fortune to take out legislators across the country who support traditional, Biblical marriage between one man and one woman.

Iowa has been one of Gill’s targets, and he has used his money to effectively buy liberal Democrats a majority in that conservative state’s legislature.

In order for HJR 6 to even be debated, the Iowa House must vote it out of committee with a procedural vote. But those newly elected liberals, beholding to Gill, are refusing to even vote.

Marriage advocates in the Iowa Legislature advise that they have 43 out of the 51 votes necessary to pass this procedural vote on HJR 6.

They also advise that there are nine representatives who have indicated that they support traditional marriage and who could, therefore, swing this vote to bring HJR 6 out of committee.

Please click here to send those nine Iowa legislators a message of encouragement – asking them to vote to bring the Iowa Marriage Amendment out of committee. By using our pre-composed message, you need only sign your name.

We can not allow this distortion of the traditional, Biblical definition of marriage to take place in America's heartland.If you would prefer to phone these legislators, here are their names and phone contact information:

Representative Brian Quirk, 515-242-6436
Representative Mike Reasoner, 515-281-3238
Representative Kurt Swaim, 515-242-6417
Representative Larry Marek, 515-242-6442
Representative Kerry Burt, 515-2821-7342
Representative Wayne Ford, 515-281-4061
Representative Nathan Reichert, 515-281-7332
Representative Paul Shomshor, 515-281-7325
Representative Phyllis Thede, 515-281-7325

I was originally going to write this post about "what the hell is CCV doing in Iowa? I thought they were causing problems in Cleveland." Then, I thought: you know what, if they can push... so can we.

That's right, kids, I am officially endorsing that you, also, get ahold of these representatives and tell them what Iowa's decision means to you. Be nice, be respectful, be the epitome of grace, charm, and fabulosity I know all of my readers are. Remember, the marriage battle is about love, so be loving and lovely.

And, if you decide otherwise, well, I'll have no part of it, and I will not support such measures.

But here's where you can find their email addresses.

I'm just sayin'.

Oh and, in case you weren't aware of why the right wingers are so furious at the world, here's Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal's take on an amendment:

Update: Leave it up to QueersUnited to beat me to the punch on emails. They even have a convenient link where you can email all of the above mentioned people at once!


Wolfie said...

Thanks Barry:

Actually its not just the CCV its all the ant-gay religious groups around the country. They sort of think and move as one big evil machine.

The really intersting thing is that you won;t find that call on the CCV Website. They are only sending it out to thier "members" via email because its out of Ohio.

I still think and I can't stress enough that theres needs to be a stronger statement and protest at the CCV Fundraiser. Not just a "Family Fun Fest" and raise funds for student groups. Sad thing is I can't get any Cincinnati organization to back me on the idea.

Again thnaks for publishing it.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, those "radical activists judges on the Iowa Supreme Court" include Republican appointees.

Hopefully it will not be lost on the voters of Iowa what a huge insult it is to imply that they were so stupid as to be bought by a single millionare from out of state.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Let them go to Iowa and stay there.

Quimbob said...

Legislating the bible is fucking Taliban shit.
Motherfucking hypocritical CCV bastards should move to Iran.