Monday, April 13, 2009

Know Theatre Announces LGBT Theatre Series

In wake of the demise of the New Stage Collective -- something that I still see as one of the great losses to the city out of the economic recession -- the Know Theatre has announced its "ambitious" 2009-2010 series... including the creation of an LGBT Theatre Series.

From the Enquirer:
Know Theatre is in the early planning stages of a biennial, national LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) theatre festival, with events scheduled during the run of "Angels in America."

Bruffy says the closing of Columbus' LGBT performing arts festival, which went dark two years ago, gave Know management the idea of "filling the void."

Bruffy says Know will meet with leaders in the LGBT community later this month to assemble a steering committee to help define the parameters and style of the festival.

He adds that Know will reach out to local troupes like Cincinnati Men's Chorus and MUSE, and put out a national call inviting artists with performances and productions in the realm of LGBT themed works, pending funding.

"Know Theatre is known for giving voice to a diverse spectrum of performers and audiences," Bruffy says. "It is entirely in our mission, and we feel a sense of duty toward giving this community a chance to express themselves and be entertained by a festival created for LGBT works."
The 2009-2010 series will also include a showing (possibly the first professional regional premiere of) Angels in America, which was recently shown here in town by the Xavier Players.

As of right now, there has been no announcement about what will be part of the LGBT Theatre series, but you better believe I've got an email into them to ask for more information -- how exciting!!! I don't know if OUTReels is still around (Cincinnati's LGBT movie festival -- another email to write!), but I definitely think having both in town will be great. Any opportunity to showcase the amazing talents and new views on the queer experience is a great boon for this city.

Thanks to @KnowTheatre for the heads up on Twitter!!!!

The Know is also currently showing Vigils, which is a show I meant to go see but ended up getting called into work for. I haven't had a chance to look into reviews, but, if I get a chance to go, I'll be sure to keep you updated!!! Check out their webpage for more information -- and check out their YouTube preview of the show! If you would like free tickets, their Twitterite has announced that they are hosting a free giveaway contest. Click here for "the rules." :-)

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