Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oxford Gay Pride Parade!

And enter the latest (and, in my very biased opinion, greatest) addition to the Gay Pride calendar: Oxford, OH, town of 8,000 residents... 24,000 when Miami University is in session. Unless I miss my guess, this is the first gay pride event ever held in Butler County.

I got a text this evening from one of the lead organizers, Brian McQueen of Miami's graduate queer group (HAVEN), who tells me that there were maybe 250 people total participants in the parade itself, which wound itself from the corner of Uptown at the Phi-Delt gates to McMillan Hall across the street from the Student Union (the Shriver Center). This is from Brian:
Today was the most beautiful day I have experienced in life, thus far. This Pride Parade was for Miami, the queer community at Miami, the queer community at large, and the entire world. People from all walks of life came together for one cause. There were queer couples with children, straight couples with children, old, young, ably different, faculty, staff, students, dogs, etc.

I am so full with joy right now and I would most probably be exceedingly more articulate if we were talking(it could be the alcohol). However, please let everyone know that this was about pride and self-acceptance. I want our community to understand that we need not look for acceptance outwardly, but only within ourselves and share that with our community. Our job is to love ourselves and extend that to everyone. Full and total acceptance is what we need and must have for ourselves. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for more "radical" and peaceful demonstrations that inspire change as well as unity. Networks were broadened and a safe space was created. PLEASE note that there was NOT one protester in sight. In fact, many people cheered us on and some joined in. Professor Stefanie Dunning brought her class--James Baldwin is the focus--to join us and the crowd grew bigger and bigger. I could almost sense the shift in consciousness on campus.Today was truly a gorgeous and gay day!

Thanks to Rhonda Jackson, Marty Petrone, Jenise Baldwin, Erin Douglas, Madelyn Detloff, Mark Rysdon, Jon Groppe, Tommy Marzella, Captain Willis of the Miami Univ. Police Department and his guys, Janine Todd, Eloiza Domingo-Snyder, Mother Paula of Church of Our Saviour, and so many more.
Congratulations, ladies/gentlemen/etc. I said it before: I couldn't be prouder if I'd planned it myself. When is the date for next year? Let's get it on our calendars!

The pride parade is a part of Miami's Awareness Week, celebrating LGBTQI culture, history, and politics.
I want to be her.
One of the lead organizers, Brian McQueen, on the left.
From the Phi-Delt gates into campus.
The beginning of the parade, at the Phi-Delt gates.

Update: I wanted to add this picture in because it totally exemplifies my darling friend Brian McQueen. I don't think I could have asked for a more appropriate picture had I told him to pose for it:

Kisses to all, and welcome too all the new visitors to this site!


The Seeker said...

AWESOME!!! I'm so sad I missed it!!! Next year...
I can't wait to go to the drag show on the 17th and be hazed for my birthday... lol

Darrell said...

I loved it! It was so much fun! I'm glad we got such a great turn out! You guys were so amazing! And yes, def. come to the drag show! I will be there and I will be announcing a new 'feature' to the show!

Darrell said...

And 'The Seeker', it'll be fun to get you for your bday! haha. I'll be sure to witness the 'abuse'.

Christina Lindner said...

I definitely had a fabulous time!

The Seeker said...

I can't WAIT for the abuse! You're going to get it on film too!
And Darrell, you are allowed to use my name ya know... After all, i sign my posts with it and it's all over the newspapers... haha

Rayne Giovanni said...

That was SO much fun! Hehe I'm so awesome, I've got my picture up there!!! (I'd be the girl with the crazy hair lol)