Friday, February 13, 2009

2010: I was talking about it first

Two other big local blogs have started talking about the 2010 election.

[snarky] Duh. We here at were so talking about it first. [/snarky] :-)

But here's the two updates we hear about:
  • From (blogrolled, but not often used) a Republican Butler County blogger: a rundown of some major races, much like I've already done. A few interesting points... 1) the author suggests that Mr. Strickland will start nosediving in the polls, much like Taft did at this point. Um. Coingate? Apparently, scandal isn't their thing. 2) He expects that Chabot will run again, despite him now running a storefront law firm (where did I see that picture? a link would help). The expectation is that Krekorian will be back in the race; let's hope what's-her-face (Vic Wulsin) stays out this time (love her, but she hasn't won yet, let's pass the torch). 3) The blogger is also trumpeting a third party candidate in the Senate race -- William Pierce. In nursing school world, "trumpet" is sometimes preceded by the word "anal." Sorry, minor joke.
  • Cincinnati Blog points us to a candidate for Cincinnati City Council -- Tony Fischer, an Iraq vet. This is the first time I've commented on the Council, so how about we start following that race, too? (Mr. Fischer's Election Website -- ain't he so adorable?)

More to come, as always...

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