Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lesbian = Overtly Sexual for Microsoft

[snarky] I knew "lesbian" was a bad word!!!! [/snarky]

Via The Consumerist:
Teresa says that she was harassed by other players and later suspended from XBOX Live because she identified herself as a lesbian in her profile. When she appealed to Microsoft, she says they told her that other gamers found her sexual orientation "offensive.

We've heard of gamers being suspended for identifying themselves as gay in their GamerTag, and even one case of a guy whose name was actually "Richard Gaywood" but his tag was suspended anyway because apparently the word "gay" is so offensive that it doesn't matter if its actually your name.

As far as we know, Microsoft is unwilling to reconsider this position
Weird, dude. I thought Microsoft, overall was really very supportive? [snarky] In all seriousness, though, I find lesbianism terribly offensive.[/snarky]

Really, though, I thought gamers (straight males, predominately, unless I miss my guess) would be just fine with a lesbitron roaming their halls occasionally. It's something more interesting to see than, well, pretty much anything on the screen.

I really love my GameCube, btw. I'm a mini-gamer. Closeted, too.

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Anonymous said...

gamers are probably bitter because i bet every girl they were in love with in high school because she was a gamer and uber nerdy turned out to be a lesbian hahah jk but not really