Friday, February 13, 2009

In which I may be a hypocrite...

I've been debating this post ever since 5chw4r7z pointed it out to me.

Here's the thing about sites like EightMaps ... I am not sure how I feel about them. In fact, they may be mildly repulsive to me. Like, sickeningly so. Perhaps. On the other hand, I think it's reasonable to say that people need to stand behind their contributions, and that individuals should be called to task for their bigotry.

Had there been a huge anti-Semitic vote, or a racist vote, I think we would have seen names published like crazy... fought over, sure, but I'm pretty sure we would all feel that it was best if we knew what was going on in our world, right?


Anyways, so I purued the California Secretary of State's website and found two locals -- five Datyonites and ten Cincinnatians -- who had donated to the National Organization for Marriage-California and That kind of sickened me, in a way. (Actually, it may be much larger, but I don't know many of the burbs out there in Clermont and Warren Counties, and I know almost nothing around Dayton. If I'm "liberal" with my guesses, it may be upwards of eight and fifteen.)

That said, has it been right for us to target anti-equal marriage-ites the way we have, with hate mail and death threats? No, of course not. That's just wrong.

What to do then?

What to do...

What to do...

While I'm thinking, maybe you should check out the list of both the National Organization for Marriage-California and the Donor lists. I'm sure you'll have a better answer. Oh, and look, there are 750 donors I didn't go through on the former org. I wonder how many more.

I guess the bigger question: are we done with this issue?

Meanwhile, I'm totally calling a boycott of Plastic Products, Ltd. Owner donated $200 to Yes on 8 funds. For all of you homosexuals that, um, buy industrial plastics, don't support this Dayton based industry? Yea, take that! :-)

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