Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congressional Valentine

The Washington Blade does an interesting piece on the relationships of two of Congress's openly gay politicians:
It’s not easy being the valentine of a gay member of Congress.

Separated by great distances and long working hours, these patient partners sometimes find themselves hundreds of miles apart on special occasions and holidays. In rare instances, they’re subjected to different treatment than the spouses of straight lawmakers.

Despite the obstacles, two gay members of Congress have seen their relationships prosper and grow for years.
It's kind of a "monkey in a cage" thing -- look at the weirdos!!! they're kinda like us too! -- but it's still sweet, though I request a check on the sanity of anyone who refers to Barney Frank as "hot."

Was he, once? Meh, not really:

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Jeffery said...

Interesting that you found a picture of him with a big cigar in his mouth.