Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gay Sherlock Holmes?

Looks like the new Sherlock Holmes will be thoroughly Homo-fied.

From Digital Spy:
Guy Ritchie has reportedly cast Sherlock Holmes as gay in his new screenplay.

The director has depicted the famous detective and his sidekick Dr. Watson as enjoying a homoerotic relationship.

Robert Downey Jr., who plays Holmes in film adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, described the relationship as "badass".

"We're two men who happen to be room-mates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It's badass," MusicNews quotes him as saying.

Jude Law, who takes on the role of Dr. Watson, added that Ritchie intended to centre the movie's focus on the pair.

"Guy wanted to make this about the relationship between Watson and Holmes. They're both mean and complicated."

The film, which is expected to be released in November, follows the pair trying to foil a plot to destroy Britain.
I think the next Batman movie should focus on his relationship with Robin. Pederasty, what?


Not Important said...

Watson was happily married after the first couple of Holmes stories.

The Batman thing would be a bit wrong with the Boy Wonder, but may be kind of hot with the Boi Wonder.

JT Hutton said...

Watson was married twice, actually.

I wouldn't describe Watson as complicated and I wouldn't describe either as mean. Watson was quite sweet. Both were exceedingly polite.

Gay? Well, most of the time you can read anything into anything. This will be fun to watch.