Friday, February 27, 2009

Krikorian Announces for OH-2

Bizzarest story ever. Is he Dem? Is he Rep? Is he Independent.

Apparently David Krikorian, Independent candidate from 2008 for OH-2 against Mean Jean Schmidt and Vic Wulsin, has annouced that he will be running again as a Democrat.

Krikorian said he had strong support running as an Independent in 2008 against Democrat Victoria Wulsin and Incumbent Republican Jean Schmidt. He earned about 18 percent of the vote. But without the backing of one of the parties, he said it will be nearly impossible to win in 2010, he said.

"It's like you're at a basketball game looking at the players and saying 'I’m as good as any player out there but I can’t even sit on the bench because I don’t have the uniform,'" said Krikorian.

Krikorian said he spent the past few months "talking to Democratic and Republican leaders across the spectrum and the response was very strong from both sides of the aisle." In the end he decided to seek the Democratic nomination. He likely didn't get very far with Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou though. The GOP head has no kind words for Krikorian and actually had him kicked out of a Republican meeting.Meanwhile, Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke said he was "shocked" when Krikorian called him this morning to give him a heads up on the announcement.
"David was in to see me a couple weeks ago. It was clear he was thinking in this direction. It's always good to see people come back into the Democratic Party, but he's going to have some fence mending to do," said Burke.
Check out his election page.

I wonder if Vic will run this time? I kinda hope not, but Krikorian creeps me out -- he tried some dirty tactics against Wulsin last time around. Maybe he'll do the same for Schmidt. But that doesn't make it right.

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