Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogger Searches

Groan -- this is totally random, but I'm on the front page if you search Google for "Ohio's 2010 Senatorial Races" and "...Candidates" I think like number 7 or 8 on both. Awesome.

I'm number 4 if you search for "rectal chlamydia." The CDC is number 5.

I mean, take that for what you will.

Quick fun: It's official -- is linked from one "teh interweb"'s biggest LGBT blogs: The Bilerico Project!!! :-) Very exciting -- thanks to Bil Browning for making it happen!!!! (Next step? Queerty and GoodAsYou -- already on one of my fav blogs, )

Also, I was looking at the numbers and the drastic drop in daily visitors from 400+ to around 200. Apparently, I've been de-linked from the Aussie site for pictures of Hugh Jackman. Sad. :-( But, on the bright side, if you watch the FEEDJIT, whereas 60% of my old visitors were here for half-naked pictures of Hugh Jackman, now over 90% of my visitors are here for... gasp... actual content. It's an improvement, and I'm okay with it :-).

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