Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lancing the Boil -- Rainbow Cincinnati Post

Here goes, kids. I would say one of my more controversial posts, no doubt, but one I promised to write.
It is no secret that there is no love lost between me and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati, but someone whose opinion I genuinely respect called me out this morning on being perhaps a bit mean-spirited towards them in the past.

To the charge of being mean-spirited: duh. It's what I do best.

To respond, however: they need it. I have said that journalism in town is cheerleading, and I knew, going into this project of blogging, that my writing and my person would be sprayed for my opinions, as more divisive than helpful. And despite the rolled eyes as to my qualifications as media, well, I'm a blogger, not a journalist. I've taken it upon myself to be the critic; if people choose not to listen, then that's fine. Seriously. But I have never once stated that I was going to fill the roll of any of the journalists in town -- these are my opinions, unedited (usually).

That said, perhaps there has been some unexplained mean-spiritedness in my past posts, so we came to a deal: I was allowed to write one more post attacking the Community Center and then I would stop the nasty, indirect commentary.

And this is my post:
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I can't wait. :-)

Anyways, make sure you check out the rest of the fabulous content over at Rainbow Cincinnati by clicking on the link below.


Michael Chanak Jr said...
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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Oops, I had to pull my first one...I can't spell!

But, here are two infamous quotes made of my various rants "in my prime" - the late Neal Hamilton c 1987 said of me, "Michael, you're problem is - queens want fantasy and you keep giving them facts."

Another, from Bryan N c 1982, "Michael, you are the only queen in town who drinks steam and spits out ice cubes."

In that great tradition, I pass the torch to you.

Ps - how about the NKY Pride on 2010? I got that form two reasonable sources.

Barry Floore said...

I think I was actually really good in the post :-). I think, first of all, it's the truth. Second of all, it's fair.

Truth and fairness -- two things we're not familiar with here at

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Praise the Goddess! Thanks for the nod to Worley.

I got from the Byrd that the money collected covered just barely his losses in production for the two months. It does point out something about print - it is way expensive.

Girl, my sweeper is running - and it is full of...dirt.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Barry. But again this goes back to my BIG ISSUE. WHT NORTHSIDE?

Yes its Gay friendly but unless you live in the neighborhood its a logistical nightmare to get to unless you are driving and making a special trip. Also it has absolutely no spotlight on it being in Northside.

Being where it is it has a very small base of people to call on for anything. IMo it should be called The Northside Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

Move it DOWNTOWN. At least people can get there, there is parking, you get the NKY crowd.

Being in Northside is just not logistically a good place for it.

You know the saying is if you build it they will come. But only if they can get to it to staff it and do things there.

BTW I still think "Squealin With Pride" is the WORST PRIDE THEME EVER. I would have said that at a Pride Meeting. If I could get to it!

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Wolfie - let me apology, yet again "it is all my fault."

Forgive an old queen that has written so much copy that she hasn't known which event or what year we are in for the past decade.

I admit it, I got bored. I guess it is over exposure to Pride, or then again, I was bored.

How the boredom set in was well themes like "Unity in the Community" or "There is no stopping us now" then last years "Celebrating Diversity."

Something snapped with "Celebrating Diversity." You see, I had planted my ample backside down at the Center booth to volunteer at the festival - and a young black man approached me and said "Does it look like anyone is celebrating my diversity."

I thought - this guy is right. I said to him "Does it look like anyone is celebrating my diversity." Something in that exchange caused me to move from my usual grumbling about Pride themes - to an open revolt. Keep in mind, I do try to conserve my energy for the big battles.

Suffer a queen a moment longer, I went to the September Pride meeting - and when themes came up - the usual themes came up - and I want into one of my "rare" public rants. You know, its dead, boring...and I'm over it. I said "it should be called Pride Pig."

Next thing you know - well, you know what they say of committees it was "Squealin' with Pride in '09."

So, it is all my fault sorta.

Wolfie - good perspective on location by the way - vis a vis, the Center.

ps - you know, the Center opened in late 93 in downtown Cincinnati, got moved again to another downtown location - and after issues of money and attendance - it moved to Northside in 99 if memory serves. Personally, I wonder if there are several issues here, location, need in general ...

Anonymous said...


Its not too late for the Pride Committe to change the theme. It is 4 months away right?

Its been a rough year for the GLBT community. And it is the 40th anniversary of Stonewall which everyone keeps overlooking. Guess its not important until the 50th.

There is a General need for a Center. And always will be. Its just so off the beaten track right now and hidden.

If I were Queen.

1. I'd move it back downtown
2. I'd change the name to The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati and Northern KY to include more people.
3. I'd make sure that the space was big enough to hold events and also invite GLBT Groups to rent/use the space fopr meeting and to make it thier homebase for meetings.

I'd also look at the NYC LGBT Community Center and other centers for guidance on how they started out, raised funds and what they do for the community at large.

Just some ideas. If you want to you can email me directly at

I can understand you getting fed up with the usual themes. But PRIDE (Especially here) Is like the one weekend that you finally get alort of the community together in once place.

I'd be happy to Join The Board if I could do it via computer. LOL

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Dearest Wolfie - tomorrow, I will write you.

May the goddess grant most of what you want, and the rest...

Much too late for a theme change - heck I hated all the others ones - and somehow in the moment of a rant - my comment took wings...I know..."its been done flying pigs."

Oh...since I was alive at the time of Stonewall, at 25 years posts and with a little luck...40 was WAY more noise about 25 yr rolling up that 40. Like you say, maybe it "has to be 50." Got me there...don't know.

I don't have answers - but the discussion about "where the Center should be" is an interesting one.

Odd, how things go full circle - you know there were plenty of people who wanted it out of downtown 10 years ago? Just saying.

Kinda like Pride, through 1994 it was always downtown, then the five year death, and it returned to Northside in 2000. Here again, when Pride ground to a halt in 94 - the prevailing thought was "no one is downtown" on Sat or Sun to see our parade or festival - so we should move it to the "center" of the community. (Yes, there we go again about IS Northside the....)

Ps - I don't feel Pride is particularly sacrosanct...