Friday, February 20, 2009

A note on updates...

Sometimes I miss stuff, and sometimes I post it late.

For those organizations that have stuff happening and would like it posted, feel free to email me -- -- I'll post what I can, if I feel it right for the site and the readership. I may even do positive commentary on it.

A warning though:

I might also comment negatively. I retain the right to be a bitch. This is, after all, my own sounding board.

Generally, though, I like the organizations in town. I have no qualms with PFLAG, or GLSEN, or the college orgs, Caracole, STOP AIDS, etc. etc. etc. I generally have positive feelings towards the Court, as well as Pride. I have tepid to lukewarm feelings about very few, and negative feelings about... hrm... two (one is easy to guess, the other one I have never written about). Even the activist organizations -- if they aren't asking me to post fundraising events (that is the one line I will not cross when it comes to the HRC, Equality Cincinnati, Equality Ohio, etc., but there are some disclaimers there too) -- I am generally supportive.

Again, I retain the right to my own feelings and the right to express them.

If you have something posted, feel free to shoot me an email. Or, if you are a representative of an organization and would like to respond to a post, please do so as well. Or make a comment. Or whine about it at your board meeting.

You know, whatever gets your gut.

This goes the same for bars and social groups.


Anonymous said...

You could never be a BITCH Gary

*kisses up*

Barry Floore said...

PS My name is Barry, lady :-)