Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Hate Crime of 2009

...and it may be an Iraqi veteran.

The story is written very poorly, so I'll try to clean it up a bit from

If Will and Mary Searfoss told their nephew once, they told him a thousand times.

They warned Michael Goucher, 21, of Stroudsburg, to be careful about meeting in person anyone he had met in an online chat room.

Goucher went missing Feb. 3, after saying he was going to meet a friend, and was found dead Wednesday in a wooded area near where his car had been found in Price Township....

The "friend," Shawn Freemore, 19, of Price Township, is now charged with fatally stabbing Goucher. The Searfosses suspect Goucher met Freemore in an online chat room, though police have not confirmed this...

Freemore told police he and Goucher met for sex last month and that the two met again on the night of Feb. 3 for another tryst, according to police. Freemore told police he refused Goucher's advances, got out of the car and, when Goucher followed him, stabbed Goucher.

"Even if that were true, that's no justification to stab someone and then stab them 19 more times," William Searfoss said. "This wasn't self-defense."
And right here, nearby, in Indiana. I remember a story in SC where someone went to hookup from and fell asleep while getting head to wake up with a knife being stuck in their throat.

Personally, I hate it when people take advantage of the gentleman's agreement to online sex... i.e., everyone goes home safely.

But, it's good to remember that just because we all do it, doesn't make it right or safe.

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