Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Power Little Spoon

I just created a new term (and JereKeys approves)!!!!!
Power Little Spoon-- euphemism for "power bottom"
Teehee. Sorry. It's getting late, and I'm getting tired.

Oh, and to all the power little spoons out there, don't forget to submit your stories to Trevor Hoppe's project, the Bottom Monologues, by clicking on the img below.

1 comment:

Michael Chanak Jr said...

How, I have a million of 'em that have been added to the gay "night feeder" - trade that comes to my door only after dark for service. Then, there's DD or "diet dirt" - you know, when you feel your sister ain't feeding you the you start to starve her.

Uummm...then there is "acid facial" when a sister explodes on you and her spray is so potent - that now only burns the make up off your face but hits the back row as well.