Thursday, February 12, 2009

SO OVER equal marriage

[meanspirted,lightheartedblogpost]I am so tired of posting updates on equal marriage.

Those are going away for a while, until I can figure out a way to get a "whole country" look at the problem. Just picking up a news story here and there is getting frustrating. There has to be a better way, yea? A way that we can all see what's going on at once?

Hm. I wonder if one exists.

It's Freedom to Marry Week here in the U.S. Because every other gay blogger in the world is talking about it, I won't be. But make sure you check out their website to keep updated.

But seriously, does it matter that much? After all, what have you done lately?[/meanspirited,lightheartedblogpost]

God damn, I'm bitter tonight. Is the moon in retrograde?


Jere Keys said...

When I was the editor of the biweekly paper in Vegas, I would have killed for news cycles like we've seen over and over in the last two years. There's never a shortage of national news to report, but it does become overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

how about setting up a sister site to this which just posts links from news around the world? create a google map that highlights the areas of the country/world moving in your direction.

you could even color code it. one color for lobbying, one color for voting, one color for allowing, one color for banning.