Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roberto Alomar

This is the most fucking absurd story ever.

Roberto Alomar, widely cited as one of the best secondbasemen ever, is being sued by his ex-girlfirend, Ilya Dall, for having unprotect sex with her while knowing that he is HIV+. Hrm. OK. There's two things that make this story absurd:

1) She knew. The lawsuit even says she knew. Per the lawsuit, Dall was present on (or about) Feb. 6 2006 when he was diagnosed with HIV. Thus, despite knowing, she continued to have sex with him without a condom. Now, there is a possibility that he knew before and this Feb. 6 2006 date was just the date that he was confirmed diagnosed with AIDS. But I can't seem to find any news source that says when the sexual intercourse stopped, though the indication is that they continued with their relationship long after.

2) Dall is turning this into a civil case, not a criminal case. In other words: she's out for the money. New York State, where the suit is occurring, has a law (a weak one, mind you) that states: "Any person who, knowing himself or herself to be infected with an infectious venereal disease, has sexual intercourse with another shall be guilty of a misdemeanor." Though it's unclear whether HIV counts as a venereal disease (likely it would), I should the process should go like this -- a) Dall files a claim against Alomar, b) state finds him guilty of a misdemeanor, then c) Dall sues for $15 million dollars.

Right? Am I being foolish on that one?

For now, though, I judge this: Dall is a gold-digger and a bad ex-girlfriend. She is seeking the publicity, and she wants the money.

For that, Ilya Dall, you get the finger:

If they let this go through, I can just see the lawsuits develop: "Of course I knew he had HIV, and of course I consented to unprotected sex, but it's still his fault and now he owes me for the hardship."

Uh-huh. Way to be compassionate.



Jere Keys said...

I would love to read the actual papers filed, but until I'm an actual law student with access to paid databases, I'm not sure how. From what I can glean, however, her lawyer appears to be a small-time guy, not a big risk-adverse lawyer from a major firm. He might be the kind of personal injury shark that reinforces the worst stereotypes of frivolous lawsuits and doesn't mind getting his name in the press on a case he doesn't really think he can win.

Anonymous said...

you can read the actual court documents at, I read the whole complaint, and shit ya she knew, acording to her she asked him to get tested on several different dates before feburary of 06, But even after he supposedly tested positive she continued to have a relationship with him, BUT the cour docs also say on that date when they recieved the results she stopped having unprotected sex with him on that date, read the court docs people, she is a god damn gold digger and it comes through in the papers,