Thursday, February 26, 2009

DC -- Closer to Congressional Represenation

The US Senate invoked cloture on the DC Voting Rights Act of 2009, adding two more Representatives to the US House -- one for DC and one for Utah (really?). 

From New America Media:
In a historic step today, the United States Senate invoked cloture and allowed its version of the District of Columbia Voting Rights Act of 2009 to proceed to the floor for a vote. The cloture vote, 62-34, means that opponents of the bill, primarily Republicans, cannot filibuster the measure from a vote before the full Senate, which they did two years ago.

The cloture vote also means that the District of Columbia is one step closer to having a voting representative in the U.S. Congress, specifically the U.S. House of Representatives. Under the bill, which was sponsored by Sens. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the House will increase its number permanently from 435 to 437 by adding the D.C. representative and an additional one from Utah.

The key to the successful vote was Republican support. D.C. Republican Committee Chairman Robert Kabel was happy with some Senate members of his party.

“We thank the Republican senators who voted for cloture,” Kabel said. “Today marks a historic day for the District and I am proud that Republicans were a part of it. As party chairman, I am pleased our efforts to inform and lobby our fellow Republicans on the Hill have paid off.”

Republicans other than Hatch voting for the bill were Sens. Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Richard Lugar (Ind.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Olympia Snowe (D-Maine), Arlen Specter (Pa.) and George Voinovich (Ohio).
Yea... Voinovich? :-) and how did Olympia Snowe get in there? Is she Dem or Rep? Blah. Who cares.

This is neat! :-)


Anonymous said...

Barry PLS answer your emails.



Not Important said...

George freakin' Voinovich? Is the world ending? That's twice now that he's done something right since 1991.