Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Streetcar-ness

I'm confused, I thought this was already happening, this streetcar thing? Are we still fighting over the need to build an entertainment-driven fixed bus line (in place of improving current public transit -- oh, did I mention that Cincinnati Metro may soon be getting a GPS system together?)? I thought it was all said and done.

Apparently not.

*yawn* I'm really bored of the debate. It seems everyone wants it to happen, except the people that currently use public transit or who represent people that use public transit, but, you know, so long as you can go round and round on a repeating loop, I'm sure it will be fabulous.

Don't start expanding the roads yet until we get the first tracks laid down.

All in all, I really am a wait and see kinda girl.

PS And before you start screaming at me -- like last time -- let me point this out: I'm semi-informed and still don't know what the hell is going on, outside of random "education sessions" and the occasional council drama.

PPS I don't think I'm so much against it as I am, just go ahead and build the damn thing and stop wasting my time with it -- you know, kind of like the Banks. Just do it. Stop creating plans, and build something. If it works, great; if it doesn't, I'm sure we'll blame it on someone and not a single person will think to say "you know we didn't consider the existing public transit needs in the city," but we as a city have thrown a lot more money at worse projects, so, what is there to lose?

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