Thursday, February 19, 2009

And we're off!!!!

The next round of entrants into the 2010 election has popped up! I'm a little late on a couple of these, so bear with me:
  • Both Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner have announced their intentions to run for the Senate seat being exited by Sen. Voinovich. Gov. Strickland is behind Fisher, stating that he's the "most qualified," which many took as an indicator for other hopefuls to hold off until Fisher is in or out. Brunner, apparently, decided the time was ripe. I like Brunner. Both are excellent as far as queer folks go, and both have been acknowledged as being pro-LGBT by Equality Ohio, but I think the appeal of electing the first female Senator from Ohio is too great.
  • And, despite the strength of Portman's name, it doesn't appear like he's going to go in for an easy run. Even possible contender for the Republican nomination -- state Auditor Mary Taylor -- is not holding up well against either Democrat. In all cases, there is a double digit lead in the early (early early) polling in favor of Brunner or Fisher. Fisher, btw, fairs the best. (The NYTimes also notes the Dem favor in the general election, saying that the Republicans will still bear the brunt of the Bush administration into 2010.)
  • Meanwhile, don't think that Brunner/Fisher will be the final match-up. Christopher Celeste, son of former Democratic Governor Richard Celeste, has announced his intentions to run for Senate, as well. Though he claims he doesn't feel entitled, with no political history of his own to rely on, one wonders: what's the frakkin' point?
  • Gov. Strickland looks poised to be OK in his seat, even against former Senator Mike DeWine or former Representative John Kasich, polling double digits above either candidate. I just think it says quite a bit that we're talking about a lot of "former this" Republicans, while we have a lot of seated Democrats. I'm just saying...
  • In the midst of a lawsuit against WCPO for age and gender discrimination, former newscaster Laure Quinlivan is considering a run for Cincinnati City Council. I have some serious questions about the appropriateness of journalists becoming politicians. In fact, with the history this very article details, I'm really uncomfortable with the number of jumps that has happened. How good are newscasters if they always think: one day, I'll run for office.
  • The Kentucky Senate race against Jim Bunning is starting to shape up, with Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo announcing his intentions to run. Two other Democrats -- Attorney General Jack Conway and state Auditor Crit Luallen -- may also announce in the next few weeks.

There's not a lot of gay in all these things, but it got me thinking on this: if we have such a fabulously supportive Executive Branch in Ohio for LGBT rights, why don't we have them yet?

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