Saturday, February 21, 2009

Community Events Calendar

You will note, to your right, a new sidebar: Community Events.

In the attempt to become more open and welcoming to organizations here in the area, I've added a list of events that were either posted on other blogs or sent to me. Just click on the event for more information. 

I'll try to keep it updated as best I can, but, the best thing you can do is to email me ( with updates that you hear about.

Goes true for organizations.


Michael Chanak Jr said...

Praise the Goddess. By the way, I assume you have heard...there is a grass roots committee that is forming/meeting for a NKY pride in 2010.

Yeah, I say. I have heard that now from a number of the old dowager reporting network.


Michael Chanak Jr said...

Ps, girl - I put out the word at the Coalition meeting today, and by email moments ago - about the calendar bar and where to send squibs for potential submisson.

Media queen, you.