Friday, February 20, 2009

DC Statehood? Not Quite Yet...

I've always loved that DC's license plate is a political statement

It appears that Washington, DC is on its way to its first official seat in Congress. Seriously.

From the Hill:
Senior lawmakers who oppose the D.C. Voting Rights Act say they know of no legal challenges to the bill, which is expected to pass the Senate next week.

The bill, which is scheduled to begin debate in the Senate on Feb. 23 , would add a vote in the House for both Washington D.C. and Utah.

In recent years the measure failed to receive the necessary support, but it is thought to have enough votes to defeat a Republican-led filibuster in the Senate with a larger Democratic majority in this Congress.
It seems there are no challenges because Utah is getting one, too.

Fun fact: they can't add a Senator for DC because that would make it a state. And, well, I really actually want to see a state added in my lifetime, I think. But 51 is such an inconvenient number, isn't it?

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