Friday, February 20, 2009

WV Sniper Ad

This anti-gay ad from West Virginia is drawing some national attention and criticism.

Hrm. I wonder why. Snipers? Really? Inciting violence, what?


(This on the back of the creation of the site.)

Oh, and here's the full five-and-a-half minute video:

It's really funny to watch unreferenced propaganda.


Anonymous said...

as a gay West Virginian, please allow me to say that all WVians are not this moronic. In fact, everyone that I know is very gay friendly.

Barry Floore said...

I didn't say West Virginians were idiots. I meant the producers of this little commercial above.

It's Tea said...

Hey Lady! wow... what an effed up video! I shared this with my blog followers and also gave a shout out to your blog. THANKS, lovely.