Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kearney and Portune in 2010?

Coming from the most unlikely of sources -- the Cincinnati Black Blog, which is back with all it's hateful vitriole and self aggrandrizing propoganda -- two new names to the list of "maybes" running for the US Senate seat from Ohio:
  • Commissioner Todd Portune (this link from CityBeat). Like Kevin Osborne says, it's a longshot. It's funny because the story itself lacks anything in the line of journalism and merely makes a case that this man is not qualified to run. It sounds like he's thought about, or been offered, or suggested to run for a lot of things but never has done anything but run for Commissioner. I really don't think he can go up against a statewide candidate like Fisher or Brunner.
  • State Rep. Eric Kearney. You know, the author of the blog gives a lot of reasons why he wouldn't be successful, so I'll just direct you to read that post. I think Rep. Kearney is a cutie, and, more importantly, I generally like him and have yet to find anything truly distasteful. But, he probably can't go up against a bigger candidate in a primary. (Oh, shows how much I actually read that blog -- lol -- he later posted that Kearney is not planning on running.)

I like both candidates, don't get me wrong. Like them both a lot, but they both seem like non-candidates. On the gay side, neither of them have triggered any major news, so nothing to be said there, but I didn't do a lot of digging.

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