Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 15th Protests

I initially started this post writing up one event, but then I realized there were two events going on.

First, via Facebook and their website:

From the website:
But I'm not out! I'm scared of being shamed and outcast by my community!
Now's the time, Gays. And we've made it as safe and silly for you as possible by choosing the most gay-friendly,corporate spot in the world. Starbucks! Starbucks has been committed to LGBT rights since the beginning of time offering domestic partnership insurance, quoting gay artists on their coffee cups and funding our pride parades.

I'm not gay, but I like kissing.
Perfect. Straight allies, never fear! Come support your commitment to equality and public displays of affection, and smile at your neighbor to let them know its 2009 and that you're happy we're able to live our lives. It means a lot to us when you tell us, especially when you're our friends and family.

I'm just not comfortable kissing in public.
Fine. Consider April 15th "Homo Hug-in."

C'mon. Is kissing REALLY going to solve our problems?

You're insane.
People who vote against gays do so because they don't know us and they're not used to us. But that's changing as we live our lives openly like they do. Once they see that we're just like them, and unafraid, they come around. Didn't you see the Oscars? C'mon! One small kiss for us, one giant leap for equality!

Ok, I'm in. Tongue or no tongue?
Welcome to America. Be creative.
Actually, there's a really, really hot Starbucks employee up the street from me. Hrm....

And then, in a move that I think should be repeated over and over and over again...

JoinTheImpact and the HRC are teaming up to protest on Tax Day. From the website:
As LGBT Americans, we work hard, take care of our families, and pay our taxes every year. Yet, our families are not included in the very policies we help fund. Our loved ones are treated like legal strangers and denied the economic protections given to our heterosexual counterparts.

It is time to take a stand. This April 15th, we will rally at post offices across the nation. All the materials you need to host your own event are on this website. Sign up today. We can change this world.
Currently, no one is signed up in Cincinnati to organize it, but, you know what, I may just pop down on the 15th and grab the closest cute mail carrier and make out like crazy.


Anonymous said...

Um isn;t Impact Cincinnati Part of JoinTheImpact?

valereee said...

Okay, then: HOW exactly does kissing solve the problem?

>>>C'mon. Is kissing REALLY going to solve our problems?

Anonymous said...

For the Equal Taxes, Equal Rights actions on April 15 -- you can do something very last minute. Just download some fliers from the website and pass them out for an hour at your local post office when people come to mail in their taxes. Most straight people have never even thought about how our tax codes are unfair to LGBT people -- we need to educate them!