Saturday, April 11, 2009

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Spectrum Drag Show notice!

How about ANOTHER incentive to go to the Spectrum Drag show!!! (not knockin' NKU! I've never been there, and I wish I could go to theirs too!!!)

So, because Friday April 17 is my 19th birthday and I have many friends at Miami, I will be attending the Spectrum show with my friends... ALSO, since I know two of the performers, I apparently will be incorporated into the show in celebration of my birthday!
According to Barry, I may end up getting spanked... A LOT...

So, I'll tell you what:
For all of you who come to the Spectrum Drag Show, I will charge you $1 per smack on my ass, all the proceeds going to charity!!!

Thanks to Barry for the wonderfully painful idea, and to my friends Shaun and Jamey (Ms. Cherry Poppins) for the original idea of draggin my ass to Oxford and getting hazed... I love you all!!!

The Seeker


Darrell said...

And excuse me? What about me?

The Seeker said...

What about you? lol