Saturday, April 11, 2009

COMMUNITY EVENTS: College Drag Shows

Two are coming up that I know of -- I think I missed one back there somewhere, too (UC?). Give me a heads up if your college/university is having a drag show or similar event so that we can get the word out.

NKU will be hosting a drag show! From their Facebook event:

This Semesters Drag Show is going to be amazing not only is this going to be a fun event, its also going to raise money for two great causes and it is also an educational event. This is something you wont want to miss. we are very excited to have the panhellenic council backing us up this semester.

$2 donation will be taken at the door to enter
It will be on campus -- at the U.C. (University Center) -- from 7:00pm until 9:00pm on Friday April 17th.


Miami University's show returns for the fourth show of the season! This show, which began almost 6 years ago, has four shows a school year and regularly raises upwards of $10,000 a season for charity. The show will show off the talent of predominately local queens -- including the rising star in Cincinnati known as Vivica LaCroix, as well as the return of Anita Sativa ... and, of course, yours truly (Kristy Kay Karolina). It will be on Friday, April 17th from 10:30pm onwards at the Balcony Bar in Uptown Oxford. The money raised will be going to the American Cancer Society in honor of Doug Feld, long time friend of the show.

Check out their Facebook event, as well.

I'm actually kinda pissed they are on the same night -- there are those of us who would like to go to both. It would actually be technically possible to do both by going to the NKU hsow and then arriving at the MU bar by 10:30pm in time for the next show to start.

But, I suppose they aren't going after the same crowd and are mostly localized events.

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See my new post for a extra tidbit about the Spectrum Show!