Friday, April 10, 2009

NOM's Gathering Storm

I had actually made a conscious decision not to post this, since it has been reiterated on every other blog in the world, but a Time article brought up an excellent point that I had noticed when I watched the National Organization for Marriage little commercial:
For now, "a rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color are coming together in love." Just not that specific rainbow. Or that kind of love.
Hey, I thought it was funny. Who writes these things anyways?

Oh, and I have to agree with ... who posted it? ... ahhh, yes, my favoritest blogger in the world these days, Bil Browning, about the "controversy" surrounding the actor audition tapes:
It's the entire essence of the advertising campaign that needs to be addressed thoroughly. Concentrating on one minute section of the laundry list of offenses is a sure way to miss an opportunity to advance LGBT rights. After all, that's the big picture.

In short: you're missing the point when you criticize the commercial's audition tapes. Critique their points, not the fact that the actors are, well, actors. (As it says clearly on the screen, note the image from Bilerico below.)

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Unknown said...

This the worst commercial ever. How is gay marriage impinging on heterosexual freedom?