Thursday, April 9, 2009

Question of the Week!!! (YEA!)

Return of the question of the week! This one is kind of poll-y.

Who are today's top gay divas of music (like Liza or Judy were back "in the day")? -- List and prioritize if you like!

Funny that this is the question, considering all the gender stuff we've been chatting about recently, but I swear I have a whole rubric worked out on this one in a car ride home with a friend.


Unknown said...

Clearly, Madonna is number 1.
Then there's Kylie
Cher (I guess)
Gwen Stefani
Hilary Duff?
Chakira, maybe

Kelly said...

Is Christina Aguilera a gay diva, or just amazingly fabulous? Because it's definitely at least one if the two.