Monday, April 6, 2009

HRC's First Friday versus Guerrilla Queer Bar

Please note the follow up to this posting here.

Something that came to my attention this evening...

The local HRC crew has started an event known as Equality First Friday. From their 4/3 event Facebook invite, here's its stated purpose:
Join HRC Greater Cincinnati on the first Friday of every month as we travel to a new Greater Cincinnati/Dayton destination to meet new friends and bring the message of HRC to the community!
Now I'm not one to cause problems, but I just have a question: given the recent press and success of Guerrilla Queer Bar -- which is stated as happening on the first Friday of every month -- why would they post a competing event with a similar stated purpose? Overall, it's a great idea. I applaud the HRC for utilizing Facebook to bring a younger crowd into their organization and find "new blood," but I'm not sure the wisdom of directly challenging another event.

We have a small community in town, let's be honest about that, and, though I would like to believe that we have enough people to drink and dance at more than one big event, I get the impression that the crowd they are trying to reach is the same that goes to CGQB. 

I'm sure it was just a mistake. And, to make a suggestion, would it be, perhaps, prudent to have a Final Friday event, rather than First Friday? That way, if Queer Bar does, for whatever reason, take a nosedive at some point, you've branded that evening as your own without stepping on anyone's toes. And, of course, meet with Ethan and the Queer Bar organizers too see what's up and how best to work together.

I hear there's a meeting this week between the two, so I'll be curious to see how it goes.

After the comment that came through, I wanted to clarify a point that isn't as clear above: this seems like a great chance for the HRC to reach out and work together with an existing movement. It comes across as competitive, however. That is, in short, my point.


Left Coast Oracle said...

I haven't lived in Southwestern Ohio for several years but isn't it possible to view this as an opportunity to work together? Is it necessary to see it as competitive? It seems to me that there is power in numbers. Just asking...

Barry Floore said...

That's part of my point. I apologize if it didn't come off correctly. I will update.

Anonymous said...

Just to be a Devil's advocate. Why should this HRC group have to "reach out" to you. Why can't you pick up the phone, go to a meeting...and reach out to them?

Unknown said...

It's not to me, darling. And you're right, there should be more done... communication and such. I'm not denying that fact at all.

Perhaps the deeper point here is that there is a lack, overall, of generalized planning. No unified front. A lot of little things working together.

Which is why I mention that there is a meeting between CGQB and HRC this week, and that I'll be curious to see how it turns out.

I really do hope it turns out well. Again, I made a suggestion that, perhaps, instead, they could latch onto the Final Friday so as not to compete for crowd on the First Friday.