Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And so we are engaged on DOMA...

Oh, Christ, indeed. 

From SFist:
Oh, Christ. While gay activists were busy angrily masturbating at each other, the people on the other side were busy accomplishing things. They're anticipating that Obama will overturn DOMA (which is like the national version of Prop 8), and they've already taken steps to stop him.

Check out domadefensefund.com -- we won't contribute to their pagerank by linking to it, but we all need to see what they're doing so that we can one-up them, and do it YESTERDAY. Look at how slick they are: it actually looks like they're presenting an urgent, reasonable case. Never mind that their claims are as silly and made-up as "Prop 8 will protect children" -- it doesn't matter whether they're telling the truth. All that matters is that people will believe them.
Hello? Is anyone out there listening??? HRC? Equality Ohio? NGLTF? (Should I include JoinTheImpact on this list now... although they actually have stuff planned, which is miles above and beyond any of the other organizations... stuff that you can actually do to help. I'd say that's a start.)

Where is everyone? Why the FUCK did we waste time fight Rick Warren? And, really, to all you bloggers and leaders out there at the Equality Summit... what are you accomplishing? 

Oh, sorry, was that mean? I'm sorry, but I just hope to God y'all come back with something concrete (and apparently it won't have anything to do with the transgender community). I know, for me, conferences are little more excuse than to learn (as the tertiary reason), to get laid (as the secondary reason), to party/visit a new city (as the primary reason). 

I really hope all the gay men in this country really aren't like me.

Oh, God, we're all doomed. 

Meanwhile, Equality Cincinnati is saying that even a DP registry is "too much" in Cincinnati, and Equality Ohio is saying that it's not a priority for them right now. Uh-huh. 

I think Cincinnati is more than we think it is. I think it's more ready than you think, kids. I think this country is more ready than you think.


Anonymous said...

I would call you my Best Blogger friend but someone might get mad so I'll just leave it to the fact that we share the same brain.


Anonymous said...

Actually - Equality Ohio's Board Approved Action Plan for 2009 calls for supporting at least 2 additional local communities in Ohio to establish DP Registries... We have never said it wasn't a priority. Just ask if you ever want to see a copy of our Strategic Plan or 2009 Action Plan and what we've done and are doing on it - we're more than willing to share - we would just ask that you don't make assumptions with having the information.

Jere Keys said...

You're shouting at empty air right now. Most of the "serious" community leaders are on flights to Denver right now for the NGLTF Creating Change Conference (which is actually a great conference).

Jere Keys said...

So, I've spent the last 1/2 hour cruising the congressional website and no legislation has been introduced yet related to ENDA, DOMA, or DADT. There is a Hate Crimes bill on the table, but it's not the Matthew Shepard bill from last year, so I'm suspicious of it. Until actual legislation is put forward, the best thing we can do is write our members of Congress asking them to support issues in specific ways and to cosponsor legislation that is sure to come.

Anonymous said...

Confrences, Confrences,

Howz about less confrences and more work. And yes i would actually like to see Equality Ohio's 2009 Action Plan and I would also like to see Equality Cincinnati's since I can get no ideas from the websites.

My biggest complaint has always been that our leaders are so mired in Board meeting and Confrences that they don't have enough time to lead. Do you really think that the AFA and others take as much time as we do to come to a decision. No. They work very quickly. And use all of the smaller antigay grassroots groups to their benifit. They make thier plans KNOWN and ask for their minions to act. They don;t make people request Action Plans.

I'm sorry if I come off snarky. But we need to do things now. Not just two Communities a year.

Maybe the Queer Bloggers should pick up the torch. All we have to do is submit a referrandum and then gather signitures. I'm sure we can do that without flying to Denver.

Sorry I am in a real bitch mode over the snails pace that our Community organizations take. (And also lately the lack at transparency) I mean its ONLY been 40 years since Stonewall. Maybe in 40 more we'll have DP in Cincy.

Anonymous said...

Jere I posted this about the new Hate Crimes Bill on 1/15 and how the "haters" are already mobilizing to fight it. Not one Blog or Organization has picked up on it. )Even though I have emailed a few)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linky


Wonder Man said...

I understand your anger, however there was some movement at the Equality Summit. I was pleased with what we learn