Monday, January 26, 2009

Is there such a thing as a gay non-sex scandal?

Jesus. Two big bits of news out of the world:
1) Sam Adams, whose gay sex scandal is amusing to me if only for the attractiveness of his paramour (Beau Breedlove), is staying in office in Portland. Lovely. Well, wait. That is, until he may still get tried as a sexual assailant after Mr. Breedlove decided to talk to the press and explain semi-sexual advances before his 18th birthday. This is rather juicy and fun to watch, as Beau has named his dog... get this... Lolita. I wish I were in Portland right now to watch it all happen. More importantly, don't the names in this whole case just make you giggle with anticipation? Beau Breedlove and Sam Adams, and their lawyers Dick Trickle and Coors Light (and Sam's dog, Hef). Teehee. I'm so clever.

2) Ted Haggard is a publicity whore. Can we just say that now? Of course his former
boyfriend from his church talks now... just as the music is starting to build for Haggard's movie. Coincidence? Doubtful. Oh how the mighty have fallen, and scratched and clawed to get back up. (Is it also funny that Haggard is now a door to door insurance salesman? Always selling something people don't need, eh, Teddy?)
I want a scandal that comes out about someone being gay that doesn't involve sex. I don't know, like "Anderson Cooper comes out after admitting to only buying Prada and being heard squealing 'Dolce and Gabbana are equitable to God!'" No? Not exciting enough for you?


F6's Editor said...

I thought he already came out per the stint @ gay leather shoppe with ABC World News Now Polka Guy and when he was ooddling over the two "bears" in the wadding pool it seemed pretty obvious to me.

F6's Editor said...

Also it seems a little difficult for the main stream media to not have a homosexual scandal that doesnt involve sex because they continue, just like the religious wrong does, to define and categorize US by what we do versus who we are. When that changes you might just get reporting on a scandal without the first questions being when and how often someone had carnal knowledge of the others involved.