Thursday, January 29, 2009

SnOMG: New Post at Rainbow Cincinnati

Seriously, I wrote this in ten minutes. :-) Since I suffered through two days, you, now, have to suffer through what I did for two days. If you'd like the abridged story: nothing.

Here's your preview:

It started bad enough, the two days of the white death we just had here in Cincinnati.
Two tests with grades in the 70s range -- to my credit, I was six points above the course average in one of the classes -- and a patient assignment that can best be described as "complicated," I managed to get home around 5:00pm to discover I had left my keys at school.

Fuck it, I thought, I'm going to bed.
(click here for the whole shebang)
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Jere Keys said...

On hulu - episodes 1 & 2 are both in the same file. It's why the episode is 1 hr 28 minutes long while other episodes average 42 minutes. After watching "episode 1" just move on to "episode 3" - you'r enot missing anything.