Monday, January 26, 2009

On being nominated...

If you haven't heard, and you probably have because I've been talking about it for the last 12 hours non-stop, I've been nominated for two Best of awards as part of City Beat's annual Best of the City. So I think you should go and vote for me right now. (Oh, and vote for Cameron Tolle as local activist.)

I know, I know, I know. There was not some secretive panel of CityBeat staffers who got together one day and said "you know, that website is awfully nifty, why don't we throw a nom his way?" I'm fully aware.

What makes being nominated more special to me is that someone out there in cyberspace liked so much that they looked at the list and thought, "You know what's missing? Let's nominate." Enough so that two different people did it, as I've also now been nominated in the blog and the website categories.

That's amazing to me. I try to post to keep you guys entertained and interested. I know I do it a lot -- it's a great combination of factors that lets me do this, and, more importantly my 90-100wpm typing speed helps out a bunch, as does my tendency to just write what's in my head as it comes out. Very little editing. I'm sure you can tell. So I post a lot. Partially so people will check in a bunch, partially so I pop up on people's blogrolls a lot, but mostly so that I know there will be something for you to read. I know there are people that check me every day; for the most part, I believe them. Like the websites I like, I want to make sure there is something fresh there if you decide to check in twice today.

And, since I work thirds, I like to have something fresh for you in the morning.

So, thank you. I appreciate the people that nominated Thank you for taking the moment and remembering me.

I've been asked whether I want people to vote in the Best Blog category for me (much better and more widely known people as my competition) or Best Local Website category (many more competitors, but fewer well known ones... and I would be one of the few blogs on the list). I don't care. Please do vote for me (and tell me that you did!), but, I think, I'm just so happy that you remembered ... and that so many people have all ready voted for me, honestly believing that the vote was a good one ... well, that's kinda nice. Although it would be nice to be able to put the graphic up on the side bar... "Best of the City, 2009."

I've always been skeptical of people who say "It's just an honor to be nominated." You know what's funny? It kind of is.

It's also nice because it means, between Cameron and I and a few others, that the only thing you can vote on when it comes to gay stuff is not just the bars. Kind of refreshing, yea?


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I have, as you know, submitted to your will.

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I voted!