Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After yesterday's craptastic day, Christ College canceled classes today!!! Watching WLWT because they are my friend on Twitter. Seriously.

This is fun too: this is live streaming video of one of their reporters driving around so you can see what the roads look like. Quality is questionable based on the signal, but it's neat when it works. 

Update: I've been debating this this morning. The nurses are at work, they have to go in. Sure, some people will not be able to make it in, but pt census will be down, especially in the ED. What does it tell us, as nursing students, about snow? Maybe they shouldn't have cancelled classes... especially clinicals. Nurses go in regardless of weather. The administration, though, wants to sit inside at home. I guess that's what matters.

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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Girl - I received that call in the chambers at 7 am. Bill Abney left word and said NO PRIDE MEETING tonight.

Called Maurice Harris (who is still digging his way out) and we are going to hold the Pride meeting THIS Thursday 1/29 at 7 pm - New Spirit MCC, 4033 Hamilton Ave., Northside. Maurice opens the door for us at the church.