Tuesday, January 20, 2009

QueerCincinnati photo credit...?

Neither of these seem to be opening. Just trust me, I'm on them. LOL

Whoa... Um... Maybe I should have cited that picture. But it explains so much about my traffic.

Click to embiggen, then read the caption of the picture.

Oh, and then from the GLAAD website:

Wow. Kinda cool, yo.


EMullins said...

You're loving that screen capture trick you learned, huh? =)

Ms. Rho said...

Wow. You flew all the way down-under to take that pic, and you didn't get an autograph!?!? ;)

Barry Floore said...

LOL I am loving it. I promise it will go away.

And Ms. Rho... if I was that close, I would get more than an autograph... I would get an STD.