Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Drag Queens Attack

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On the back of the tranny controversy...

I thought this was appropriate. Is it wrong for me to think, damn those girls are FIERCE? Took off their hoop earrings and their stilettos and all.

But seriously, don't piss off a drag queen. For your own safety. Bitches wanted their chicken nuggests and fries!

That seems to be the lesson here. Good for the White Castle employees in Northside to hear.

Just kidding. I repeat: that was not a threat.

Just saying. They're slow. And rude.

...and I want my mozzerella cheese sticks.

I would have like to have seen the discussion in the news room. "So, what do we call them?" It's funny they settled on transvestite.

(Thanks to DumbWhore, my new friend on Twitter, but NSFW.)


Jere Keys said...

Well, if they did any research at all, the would have found GLAAD and NLGJA both advise against using "transvestite" unless it is someone's self-identification. Both sources consider it derogatory in common usage. Nor did the newsroom even both to follow AP standards (using "his" to refer to someone clearly presenting as female--in this case the face-mauler with fingernails--violates Associated Press guidelines).

Kate The Great said...

I've always loved Queens. They're stunning, they exude spectacular confidence and they walk like no other. I've seen so many Queens who look miles more like a woman than I do... I'm mystified by them. Love to hear about some gals sticking up for themselves.

planet trans said...

GLAAD Media Reference Guide, 7th Edition
Defamatory Language

"fag," "faggot," "dyke," "homo," "sodomite," "queen," "she-male," "he-she," "it," "tranny" and similar epithets.
The criteria for using these derogatory terms should be the same as those applied to hate words for other groups: they should not be used except in a direct quote that reveals the bias of the person quoted. So that such words are not given credibility in the media, it is preferred that reporters say, "The person used a derogatory word for a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person."

Who these people truly were or why they were so mad is a based on 1/2 of the participants of the fight.
Isn't it possible that the crew of the McDonald's who hurled hateful epaulets at transgender woman?
That wouldn't be a show for you to laugh at would it? unbelievable. Yeas it is slanderous and highly inconsiderate of the "allied" community to laugh at us and hate us. WHO ARE YOU AND DO YOU CARE ABOUT US or are we just a token for you to get readers?

I would feel better if planetransgender's post's did not appear on this blog.

You can acomidate that request by removing planetransgender from your blog list.

Lori D said...

"Bitches wanted their chicken nuggets?" Since when do we get to further marginalize us "trannies", especially in what I thought was a GLBT affirming source?

Any violent criminal behavior is wrong. The only reason this became news is because it's just yet another way to bring OUR expense.

I wonder what TDOR is going to look like this year.

pe1biv said...

The identification Drag Queen, I totally do not connect to transgender people. The view most people in the Dutch LGBT community, well, better say the LG community, a Drag Queen is a man dressing up as a woman for parties and other occasions, but someone who unmistakenly identiefies as GAY MAN and absolutely nothing else.
People that totally do not identify with the T-community within the whole of the LGBTQ-community.

Within our regional lesbian and gay association, we did have a group of drag queens and I have to say that most of them were visually a lot more attractive than most of the lesbians, but then obviously totally not available if you're not a man.

There are many different people and streams within the LGBT community; lesbians, gays, lether dykes, the leather boys, drag queens and many, many more.
Indeed, the media will always show the groups from within the whole spectrum that are the most flamboyant or draw at lot of attention in any other way. Indeed, that is giving a very one sided view and is what most people outside of the LGBT community see as the standard; the norm.
Indeed, this generalisation is causing the general public to get a more negative attitude towards the whole of the LGBT community, while the strange fenomena is that the same excesses within a hetrosexual carnival parade is not giving the same negative attention.

I still remember well and actually don't have a clue if it has changed much, as now having been living together for over 10 years, you find yourself basically totally on the side line as a more or less settled family, but in the early 90s as a 'lipstick lesbo', we were sort of only an accepted 'spiecies' in Amsterdam, while outside Amsterdam you were looked at in a way of "what are you doing here? You're TOO fem!"...

The comments indeed from one group, given about other groups in many cases was indeed astonishing. You would think that the haters are from outside the LGBT community, but the dislike in between groups was and probably still is something that is damaging for the whole LGBT community.
Elitism is just as bad as the hate from outside.

Lets not forget that no matter how much we differ, ther is one thing that absolutely should unite the LGBTQ community and that is that no matter whether it is gender orientation or gender identification, we have one important thing in common; non of us does adhere to the expectation of the gender marker that was stuck on us at birth!


pe1biv said...

Actually I get the impression that looks, as in adopting the look as to be accepted within a certain group within the LGBT community, in the US certainly is a mayor factor.

As in my case, as a woman I'm attracted to women and in that I think femininity is something that we should accept as normal, just as it is accepted from hetrosexual women.
I can only say that trying to get of as much femininity as possible, just to show identification as a lesbian, only would turn me off.
For those who prefere differently, that's in their full right to choose as they like.
For me, it has always been an fem-fem relation and the both of us are very happy in that.

Unknown said...

You know, I have no idea what all this silliness is, or was, but I find it bent at a bunch of different angles. Frankly it has me thinking "They doth protest too much!"

I've dealt with drive thru windows from both sides in my life. As someone who worked in several back in my youth, and as someone who uses them now. Drive thru windows om both sides are all about speed. May I take you order: Thank you: Next!"

How in the name of god does it turn into a feeding frenzy of stupidity? In Cincinnati no less? I live in Cincinnati and this is the first I've heard of it. First of all, I go to a drive in, I'm there to get my food and be gone. Names, gender, WHATEVER just doesn't come up.

Having worked in a drive thru I know it's just this endless street of folks who want food and no fuss. One person, two, two hundred, two thousand, it's all a blur. McDee's in particular has corporate policies to keep things moving. Those folks don't have time to get into other peoples stuff so to speak.

As to the people in question? I don't care who they are, why they were there, or who did what to who, getting violent is BS! NO EXCUSE unless you're physically attacked first.

So we are hearing all about this, it's become this damned international incident, and we've only heard half the story. Why? Because I'm guessing the jokers responsible are in jail. Well bully for them then!

Grow up folks, and stop turning mountains into mole hills.

Jere Keys said...

If you can edit the embed code, change "...tch=true&autostart=true&shuffle=false" to "...tch=true&autostart=false&shuffle=false"