Thursday, January 22, 2009

Louisiana paper apologizes for Bush

A Louisiana paper apologizes for support George W. Bush...
We supported Bush editorially for president not once but twice. We now believe
he will go down in history as the worst president ever and deservedly so due to
his ineptness, incredible incompetence, and his lack of truthfulness, intelligence and compassion. Throw in arrogance and you run the gambit of what it takes to be the worst president in history.

As to his compassion, out of the last 40 who petitioned for a pardon or commute of sentence, he miserly commuted only two and they were the border guards that carried the approval of over 90 percent of the people polled. Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Carter and Truman all pardoned up to five times more petitioners than Bush, no doubt confirming that with Bush it was always politics before compassion.

We are not the Bush haters you see or read about. We wish him well as he rides into the sunset and into oblivion. On the other side of the horn, we are happy that his presidency has ended.

We deeply regret having recommended Bush to our readers and profusely apologize for our mistake in character and judgment.
This made me laugh so hard, I thought I was peeing my pants. Turned out it was only the water I spilt this morning. I wonder how many papers will display their cowardice now that the man is gone? Does anyone else remember about the whole suggested crack down on the press the Bush administration suggested early on?

On the flip side, the man is all of two days out of office. Maybe I should lay off him for now.


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Not Important said...

Better late than never, I suppose. At least the country isn't completely beyond repair.