Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Blogger "On the Block"

Welcome to QueerLouisville to the world of blogging!!! :-)

So, these folks added me on Twitter (QL's twitter and my twitter), and they called me ... sigh ... an inspiration, and god knows that the easiest way for me to do something is butter my bread just right and there it is. QueerLouisville, then, gets their own blog post... and they will be blogrolled as soon as I get home this morning (hint hint ;-)).

This is what I know about being gay in Louisville: Connections is a hopping place. That's right, that's all I know. See, my family is technically from Louisville. Though I was born in Lexington, and raised in Charleston (SC), my grandparents and the majority of my extended family live eitehr in a suburb (St. Matthews, I believe), or in a farming community outside the metro (near Campbellsburg). The most I know about Louisville is how to get from my grandparents house to my uncle's house... and even that is questionable most days. In fact, when I was driving down five times a week while my grandfather was in the hospital before he died, I still had to take a map with me every day just so I didn't get lost. Really.

My knowledge of queer stuff in Louisville is limited, though I keep saying I'm going to make it down one day. . . but when I make a trip to a big gay city, the first place I think is Columbus.

...and if I really want to make a trip, I'll drive all the way to Adonis the Nightclub.

Anyways, so there it is... QueerLouisville, our sister site. And, yes, I did just waste about five minutes of my life fiercely typing into Google things like "QueerIndianapolis" "QueerDenver" "QueerKnoxville" etc. etc. etc. :-) I think there should be a Queer[City] webring.

For now, it would just be the two of us though, it seems.


Wonder Man said...

Ah Connections, takes me back in my Murray State days

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the blog post and blogroll link! That was incredibly sweet! I did the same for you! :)