Sunday, January 25, 2009

Text Message

Friend of mine texted me this in a moment of my low self-esteem:
God doesn't make junk.


When I posted this on Twitter, I got two responses:

From @GCRMMediaClub: "God certainly does make a lot of junk: horrifically deformed babies, junk DNA, junk rituals and dogma, junk biblical texts"

From @nth_degree: "there is a phallic joke in there somewhere"

And from the indomitable @Dr_Jared (who is usually more loquacious than this): "what?"

Any other thoughts (keeping in mind this is a personal mantra now and it's the only thing holding up my fragile self-esteem :-)).

1 comment:

Jere Keys said...

All I can think of is the song "God Don't Make No Trash" from the off-Broadway musical Bare: