Thursday, January 8, 2009

National Drag History Month

For the first time ever, LOGO (you know, that gay TV station we still don't have on Cincinnati's Time Warner) brings us...

...honoring those sisters that changed our world and led our movement and bring us joy and love and alcohol.

To all of my sisters in drag, and to all those who came before, we honor you.

From NewNowNext:
Drag queens everywhere, REJOICE! Stand a little taller in your pumps, high atop that plywood-covered pool table! As the delicious Varla Jean Merman is proud to announce today, "January is National Drag History Month!"

Yes, children... Finally, all of those pioneering trans-tastic visionaries who've fought to entertain, enlighten and educate us for decades are getting their due! Think of the societal and cultural strides made by queens at Stonewall, at pride marches and on stages around the world. And trust: Whenever there's a cause that affects the queer community, drag queens and kings have led the charge on our behalf!

Gay music and video from

Mary, mother of queens, honor these ladies with fierce nails, fabulous hair, 9 inch heels that don't bind at the toes, and support hoes. Gay-men.


Anonymous said...

You can find Logo on Time Warner channel 160. It's been on the Cincinnati service for over a year now.

Just found your blog a few weeks ago - keep up the good work.

Wonder Man said...

I didn't know this...thanks for the info